Friday, October 22, 2004

Day Walker

For once I decided that I'd update during the daytime... even though it's not known of me to do so but I thought aah what the hey. I was just sent this which I thought was cute.

I was listenning to the audio post by Yaz and Princessprettypants (dammit woman get a shorter nickname) and I must say I was hella inspired. I've decided (being the lazy bum that I am) that its easier for me to do an audioblog as opposed to typing stuff out. I mean instead of having to sit here and type whatever whatever, I can simply call up and do my audioblog thingy. Now ofcourse the question begs to jump up and hit me on the side of the head as to why I aint doing it now. The most simple and logical explaination is, I cant find my cell/mobile. Its supposed to be somewhere around here but for the life of me I dont know where it is. I'm sitting in my room next to the landline and a friend just called saying he's been ringing my mobile for the last 15 min. I was like hmmm.. I wonder where it is that I cant even hear it. Oh well... Truth be told I'm too lazy to get up and go look for it hence i'm staying put!

And now I think I've typed too much and am gonna go. Y'all hella take care!

P.S. Please lemme know (esp. Yaz and PPP if you guys come around) whether the word 'hella' was used correctly in the post...

Monday, October 11, 2004

Just to get up that hill

Ok so its nothing new, I'm a lazy good for nothing when it comes to updating my blog.. ok ok stop rolling your eyes! Anyways, thass yesterdays news... i'm also the person who

* dropped popcorn in the cinema
* nearly walked into a glass door which wasnt open (thank god for the reflection in my glasses)
* converted a friend into believing olives are good on pizza (yes there are people like that out there)
* needs to get his finances sorted out.. (so what else is new)
* actually broke the button off my cargo pants today... (boo hoo)
* needs more icecream
* am going to go get some now... *wanders off*
* am back with some mint chocolate icecream cuz someone juss told me they're having icecream with their dad... grrrrr
* am not going to share my icecream
* got a new phone as an upgrade and gave it to bhai
* dont know what i'm typing and why i'm typing it
* miss my friends

Anyways, as you can tell, i dont really have anything to say so i'm randomifying! I think people who dont update regularly should be shot... ermmm ok i dont.. i think people who dont have the inspiration to update should be kicked... ermm... no lets not do that either.. I think there should be a blogistani police force. Yeah thas it... we should have like the blog police.. who wander around blogs making sure people update on time and regularly. So what I propose is people nominate some blogistanis to become blog policepeople. These people can... hmm... thass a point.. nominate ur blog police people and the punishment for people who dont update often enough (ironic i'm the one writing all this when i've probably got one of the least updated blogs in blogistan) ... Anyways.. thass something for y'all to ponder upon...

Monday, October 04, 2004

Kabhi Nahi!!

Normality comes at a price I have yet to pay... Anybody got any cheese?