Thursday, December 11, 2014


This must be me getting old because today when I got home from work I was absolahoootely exhausted. It's funny cuz I walk in and I am like man I missed you guys and B is like... Errr what's wrong with you.... So much for sincerity eh? *chuckle* So now I know my lovey dovey side comes out when I am tired. Must make sure I am rested up properly so this doesnt happen again. After all, I am the man of the house... After the wife of course....

Friday, December 05, 2014

Eye to Eye

So yeah, this blog has been fairly neglected for the last ... ok forever... But yeah when life catches up to you, grabs you by the throat, shoves you on the floor and then proceeds to pound the living day lights out of you, you think ok now I need to chill.

Funny enough, thinking about this reminded me of a post I did YEARS ago and of course then had to go and find it... Seeing as my blog is completely stuck in the stone ages, it did take me a good whopping amount of time (3 mins 27 secs) to find said post which is here.

So yes as a single young(ish) twenty something, I think I needed more in my life. What of course at the time I didnt realised was that it wasnt drama I wanted, I wanted more meaning! Since then I have married, become a father (twice Alhamdulillah!) and actually got a grown up job and all... (who would've known!)

So yeah, basically, life of course has its ups and downs and sometimes there are more of one or the other. I have had a bit of drama recently but Alhamdulillah have been working through it. I am very lucky to have a great wife who has been by my side the whole time. Even though these are tests for us, I think I have been through enough tests for a while. A bit of a break would be nice.

I suppose all I am saying is, I think I have had a fair amount of drama and only the creator knows how much. I am now ready for a mundane boring life without an excessive amount of drama. I know I have more meaning in my life, and Insha'Allah if I can I would like to do some of the stuff I have in my head. But yes, in summary (my god its like I'm writing an essay or something) I have decided I could do without the drama in my life now....

So yes.. God.. (yes I know I dont need to ask him via the blog but hey thats just me) no more drama please.... mundane life which has meaning would be appreciated if I could be so bold.

Yours faithfully

Me :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Paint it black

Self pity in the world of make believe (or TV to you and me) is such an awesome tool for one to attain one's goals. There is always a character who is in the depths of despair and yet one simple act (usually by the antagonist in most cases) turns out to be the pivotal point where said character shrugs off the shackles of the self imposed desolation to go on and achieve the impossible (in the case of Indian movies, often defying the laws of physics on the way to overcoming said impossibility). Side note, I am only saying that based on the stereotypical views I have of Indian movies.

In the real world however, self imposed despondency is much tougher to shake off. And in the case of an evergreen pessimist such as yours truly, it really does become a struggle (I just realised I started the last sentence with an And... tsk tsk... the shame!). There really is no simple solution, compounded more so by a feeling of loneliness that arises when one's immediate family is in a completely different time-zone. Which makes said person realise how he has (a) started using the an S instead of a Z when spelling realise (b) cut ties to most of the people who before the emergence of the familia were the support group so to speak.

Now in the back of my mind I have always known (again the pessimist comes out for a breath of fresh air) that friendships dont last forever but how things have gone so out of kilter that literally years have passed and there is no contact from some does give rise to the blues. I suppose its always easy to look to others when most of the blame rests on one's own shoulders.

On that epiphinical (yeah it just sounds right) note, if given the chance to still be in this existence tomorrow, its always worthwhile trying to change the shortcomings one identifies (and hopefully stop being so uptight and boring on this blog)... Peace and salan grease.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Shoot to thrill

So I just finished watching Inception (yes I know I am only a year or so behind the times). I took the plunge today with a full understanding (or so I thought) of the concept of the movie and what to expect. Oh Em Geeee... was I in for a shock and such an excellent one at that. A brilliantly executed idea and thankfully, for once, an original one. I have to say I cant remember the last time I watched a movie which wasnt a sequel, prequel, reboot or connected to some other movie idea/concept in some way, shape, form or aspect. Yes it can be argued it goes into the augmented reality side of things which has been used many times before but this is a very refreshing take on the genre.

I like how the movie asked or answered questions that were popping into my head as I watched the movie (yes even though I do prefer the no brainer movies, but I do like to keep an inquisitive mind). One thing I couldnt believe is how the guy out of Third Rock from the sun actually pulled off a serious non-comedic role with fairly decent results. I kept thinking this is the goofy (well they all are) out of a comedy who doesnt have the face for serious roles but he did pull it off I think.

Ofcourse one topic that has to be touched on is the spinning top thingy at the end of the movie which the chief protagonist (or Leo as he's better known) does not notice. There has been tons of speculation as to what it means... whether the protagonist is infact still in a dream state or has returned to the reality... or whether it is a 'dream' the reality of which he so craves... I can answer all the inquisitive minds in one simple statement... The top was left spinning at the end of the movie simply because..... so they can leave the door open for sequels... come on people, its common sense... Hollywood is after your hard earned cash, even more so in these cash strapped times... So if they make something thats a hit, they can always revisit at some point simply becuase there is a large enough fan base that will come back and send ticket sales through the roof again when required.

I have just realised something... looking at my posts, I have become something of a cliche king... I really need to try and be a bit more original (yet another cliche right there!).

Anyways, it is coming up to midnight, I do have a busy day tomorrow so I should ignore the voice in my head telling me to go play Mafia 2 for a bit and try and get ready for bed (I know the voice in my head will probably win so I should get a move on as I am eating into valuable game time here). Laterz pataterz....

Friday, November 11, 2011

I dont feel like doing anything

For the facade that we put up to the rest of the world, there is no one who really knows what lies beneath apart from the creation and the creator.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Danza Kuduro

Gloucester is sooo overrated. Or perhaps I had a different picture in my head and its all come crashing down when I got here! Having said that, its just not the same without Bia and the kids. And ofcourse the fact that S is crying a lot since I left is really not helping me here. Wish I was back home. I admit, yes I am a softy!!! Cant help it though... I miss them all.

The course has been a ball though, Sam, the trainer is a good laugh and doesnt seem to mind our exrtemely kooky sense of humour (which is saying a lot!).

Anyhooos, it is half past midnight and I am in bed watching Big Bang Theory on E4 when I should actually be asleep (might try that in a bit!). Y'all be good...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just Drive

A belated Ramadan Kareem to one and all. May you make the most of it and insha'Allah make it make the most for you.

Having said that, I'm not exactly making the most of it myself. Need to stop being such a lazy so and so. On the plus side, I'm realising how much of a difference just delaying a namaz can make. Hope I can now make sure I dont make that mistake either! I'm useless.....

Saturday, July 23, 2011

For those about to rock!!

I think I may now have seen everything.... The wife is sitting here watching one of those morning shows on some Pakistani channel (not withstanding the fact that it is midnight and they deem it acceptable to show a morning show at this time). The host actually has a family on who are discussing their family issues and why the daughter-in-law has gone back home to her parents because of the fighting in the family. Ummmm... HELLO? I realize things are moving forward but now our morning show hosts are playing Jerry Springer in front of the nation?? To anyone who isnt familiar with the Pakistani/Asian culture, your immediate family extends to your third cousin 10 times removed from your paternal great grandfather's third sister! And every single person in that horrendously long line of immediate relatives will take the most rediculous amount of pleasure in airing out your dirty laundry in every public gathering possible! How these people thought it acceptable to do this is way beyond me (note to self... the motivation may be green, made of paper and is exchanged for stuff!) People are absolutely and completely losing the plot here man... Pakistani TV is going from bad to worse!

I am no fan of most stuff on the box anyway but the Pakistani dramas the women of our house watch are beyond comprehension!!! All they show is sadness and betrayal and all manner of negative crap. The people who make these programs say this is how society is... that may well be the case, but surely with the amount of negativity and stuff going wrong in the world, the least some bright spark could do is come up with a decent show where there's a bit of positivity or laughter or (heaven forbid) both. I mean come on, shows like Scrubs and The Big Bang Theory dont exactly reflect real life but atleast they put a smile on people's faces. People back in Pakistan have enough to contend with as it is with the state of the country, why depress 'em even more? Why cant our people realise that aswell and try to make stuff that doesnt depress people even more?

Anyways, on a brighter note, its Friday night, the kids are asleep. Think that means me and the other half can actually sit and watch a bit of stand up comedy for a bit before we hit the sack. Busy weekend ahead. Need to start getting my head back on straight. Lots to do and ofcourse, not to forget, Ramadan is around the corner. As always, wish I can make the most of it for once in my life. Insha'Allah will be trying hard this time. Anyhoos... go away people (like there's anyone even reading this anymore), you're cutting into my time with the wife!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


I tell you what, I never thought a lazy so and so like me would ever have the amount of responsibility I have today. I never ever would've thought I'd be able to cope (and to be honest I dont think I still can) but it just seems like even though things are usually too much for my lazy self to actually comprehend, I still seem to be getting on ok (Alhamdulillah to that!). Suppose its times like these you realize that you dont have as much control over your life as you think. But again, all praise goes to the one who actually does have control and keeps things on track for you.

In other news, I recently came to the realisation that while its well and good me thinking I could ride into work on a bike, I seriously dont think 25 miles one way is something my nicotine filled lungs could cope with. Insha'Allah this is definitely the Ramadan where I will kick the habit and then keep it that way! Have to for the sake of the family... the people I actually have responsiblity for.

Its Friday tomorrow... Always a good day for 2 reasons... 1. Because its a Friday, 2. Because it is FRIDAY BABAAAAY! Juma Mubarak to anyone reading out there. Hope you have a good weekend!.... Wait a sec... how British have I become that I wish you guys a good weekend, Why stop at the weekend?! Heck to the weekend man, have a good month. Have a good life... Wish others well, always have the right intention, be positive and it will come your way! Over and Out!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Wooooooahhhhhh..... bumpy ride... gotta slow down here a sec!!