Shabba dont rank

So one thing I havent mentioned on here (primarily as before this latest stint, I have blogged only twice in the 5 and a bit years I have taken it up)is my interest/love/hate of motorbikes. I say hate (strong word) but its not necessarily that... It is just a case of not having sympathy when the things go wrong (and boy some have had their share... not naming names Honda CBF125...oops).

So yes when I realised I was spending a month and a bit's salary a year on train tickets where the trains were horrendously bad in service (not naming any names First Great Western now known as Great Western Railway... (As a wise man known as Britney Spears once said... Ooops I did it again :) ) Brackets within brackets... how novel) I thought there has to be a better way. So one day as I was browsing through the buy/sell ads on the work intranet (read : was wasting time), in a shining light from above kinda moment, I saw an advert for a scooter with fuel consumption of 130mpg. In my little head (…

Any minute now, my ship is coming in

So blogging via a phone is not quite as easy as I thought it may be. But still gonna give it a go... Actually , nopes, cant be bothered. Still need a proper keyboard to do this. This of course coming from the guy who gets and replies to a million and one (like totally literally) messages on WhatsApp on his phone everyday. Plus little H is getting cranky so gotta go see what's what. Laterz pataterz.

Davy Jones, giant squid

So recently I came across a post on HUKD talking about which had tons of old retro games on it. To avoid forgetting the link, I sent it to a few colleagues (hey thats the lazy person's way of saving stuff). And then ofcourse when I finally found some time (read : was procrastinating) I decided I would have a look at said website. Instead of going to the games archive (I must message someone about that on Whatsapp to serve as both a reminder and a saved URL.. who needs bookmarks) the eye catching banner I was hit by was "archive of over 347 billion web pages" (or something along those lines). So I clicked on to it and it immediately hit me (I'm not hurt, thanks for your concern) wondering if my blog that I started 16-17 years ago would be on it. Lo and behold (or dont behold, it's not a dictatorship), the blog was there in its format as it was when I first started, background and all the way it was. Read a few posts, man I was way funnier back then, d…

This must be me getting old because today when I got home from work I was absolahoootely exhausted. It's funny cuz I walk in and I am like man I missed you guys and B is like... Errr what's wrong with you.... So much for sincerity eh? *chuckle* So now I know my lovey dovey side comes out when I am tired. Must make sure I am rested up properly so this doesnt happen again. After all, I am the man of the house... After the wife of course....

Eye to Eye

So yeah, this blog has been fairly neglected for the last ... ok forever... But yeah when life catches up to you, grabs you by the throat, shoves you on the floor and then proceeds to pound the living day lights out of you, you think ok now I need to chill.

Funny enough, thinking about this reminded me of a post I did YEARS ago and of course then had to go and find it... Seeing as my blog is completely stuck in the stone ages, it did take me a good whopping amount of time (3 mins 27 secs) to find said post which is here.

So yes as a single young(ish) twenty something, I think I needed more in my life. What of course at the time I didnt realised was that it wasnt drama I wanted, I wanted more meaning! Since then I have married, become a father (twice Alhamdulillah!) and actually got a grown up job and all... (who would've known!)

So yeah, basically, life of course has its ups and downs and sometimes there are more of one or the other. I have had a bit of drama recently b…
Paint it black

Self pity in the world of make believe (or TV to you and me) is such an awesome tool for one to attain one's goals. There is always a character who is in the depths of despair and yet one simple act (usually by the antagonist in most cases) turns out to be the pivotal point where said character shrugs off the shackles of the self imposed desolation to go on and achieve the impossible (in the case of Indian movies, often defying the laws of physics on the way to overcoming said impossibility). Side note, I am only saying that based on the stereotypical views I have of Indian movies.

In the real world however, self imposed despondency is much tougher to shake off. And in the case of an evergreen pessimist such as yours truly, it really does become a struggle (I just realised I started the last sentence with an And... tsk tsk... the shame!). There really is no simple solution, compounded more so by a feeling of loneliness that arises when one's immediate family is in…
Shoot to thrill

So I just finished watching Inception (yes I know I am only a year or so behind the times). I took the plunge today with a full understanding (or so I thought) of the concept of the movie and what to expect. Oh Em Geeee... was I in for a shock and such an excellent one at that. A brilliantly executed idea and thankfully, for once, an original one. I have to say I cant remember the last time I watched a movie which wasnt a sequel, prequel, reboot or connected to some other movie idea/concept in some way, shape, form or aspect. Yes it can be argued it goes into the augmented reality side of things which has been used many times before but this is a very refreshing take on the genre.

I like how the movie asked or answered questions that were popping into my head as I watched the movie (yes even though I do prefer the no brainer movies, but I do like to keep an inquisitive mind). One thing I couldnt believe is how the guy out of Third Rock from the sun actually pulled off a …