Thursday, January 01, 2004

I wish I was back in Maryland *Clicks heels*

Hmmm... didnt work... oh well. Was worth a try huh? I'm back Alhamdulillah safe and sound. I have to say the past 2 weeks were something I had needed since the time I had come here. I mean from the moment I got on the plane (and the Arab girl next to me started talking to me) to the time I got to the airport to come home, it was all one big amuzement park ride. Huge ups, huge downs... it all added up to one heck of a holiday Alhamdulillah.

I swear Greenbelt, the place where i stayed, was the perfect setting for where I'd like to live. Uncluttered spaces, no hectic lifestyle, jammed up roads... Suburbia does have its charms. And the Muslim community there Masha'Allah. So very varied. My mamoo goes to the Masjid everytime he can (unless he's at work ofcourse), even Fajr. And I'd go along if i was around... The usual congregations are small but the community at the Masjid, people from all backgrounds, all levels, its soo impressive. I felt so at home. I participated in 2 Namaz-e-Janazahs. I wanted to go to the tadfeen of a third but stuff needed to get done for the wedding.

Truly an awesome experience (and i havent even started about the wedding yet). Maryland is a place I could see myself living in... *clicks heels* Maybe one day Insha'Allah.

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