Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Brimful of Asha

Ladies and Gentlemen, It's me.

Who, you say? I say me and if you can figure it out, Binje gives you a cookie. I certainly am not sharing my chocolate chip, macademia nut cookie. That would be quite unheard of. And why am I here? Why, where else would I be? Not studying that's for sure.

I am supposed to tell you that Binje is.. well, Da Binge, or Bman, or whatever you want to call him but I figure all of you know that already so we shall not go over that again. (Binje is outside fighting the crocodiles, and oh look, he beat one, that's how strong he is! *puts on glasses* whoops, that wasn't Binje beating the crocodile that was..let's get out of the parentheses, shall we?)

So, what shall we talk about? Smoothies? Aren't they great? And if you haven't tasted a smoothie, you have my utter sympathies and I'll send you some fruits so you can make yourself one. Smoothie, that is. There's something so decadent about them, they.. what's that word? They burst upon your tastebuds with the same intensity the sun shines on green fields in the morning.

I have no idea what else to talk about. *tries thinking* (It's been a while since I did so, so bear with me, thank you). I learnt in Biology that if you dissect poor little animals, they will haunt your dreams horribly until you feel all the remorse that is in the world pool in your consciousness resulting in the most horrific nightmares.

But then, I am a drama queen so you shouldn't take me seriously. My Abbu was talking to a cat yesterday. Don't tell me that's normal, people talk to their cats all the time, it was the neighbour's cat! I told him to stop talking to strange cats but he told me to stop hating, yeah, that's what he said. I think he's been watching too much mtv. (Or the equivalent of.)

Yesterday at work, I told a manager, "you have stale milk on your shelves." With a stern voice and face, my friend says I looked like Matilda's (Roald Dahl) head teacher. *makes a face* Gee. I felt so attractive. The manager hates me more than ever now (which is a good thing since I have never wanted to be liked by slime).

I'm reading this book called Waking Beauty, the heroine goes to bed ugly (her word, not mine) and wakes up beautiful. *raises both eyebrows* It's quite interesting.

Okay fine, I cannot stick to one subject for more than two sentences. If that makes me quirky so be it. And if you did manage to go through all that utter ridiculousity (it is a word now), thank you. I now return you to your regular diet of Binje-wait, *peers outside* well, the crocodiles won, so you will be returned to your diet after Binje's been to the doc's.

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