Friday, October 27, 2006

Eid Mubarak all!!

Last official day of my 2 weeks off from work for Eid. Needed time off for various different reasons, not least that I wasnt getting enough sleep and..... surprise surprise, i still think I havent caught up much with my sleep. Oh well,its given me a chance to bum around.... mom wanted me back at work yesterday but since I got this cold/sorethroat/flu thingy on Eid day I've been let off the hook. Its Friday morning... I'm still waiting for the guy off Ebay to let me know the final price for the stuff I've asked. Hopefully he'll give me a good price and double hopefully (read : Insha'Allah) he'll say he can send the stuff out today for delivery tomorow. If not, I mite just hack it all the way up there... Hey if nothing else the change of scenery going down to Southend will be nice. Might take my camera up and take a few pictures as well. Oh well, we'll see how that goes.

I should get up and go take a shower as I dont want to be late for Juma (oh btw, Juma Mubarak people). Cant decide what to have for breakfast... do I just have some cake with coffee.. or make myself an omlette... or do I just go rummaging through the fridge and see what I can find... oops... just realized... shouldnt probably talk about food seeing as people might be fasting their 6 days of Shawwal. If you are Masha'Allah to you and booo on me for not having started.. I intend to as well insha'Allah.. as soon as this damn faucet in my nose gets turned off and I start sounding less like a toad with a razor blade in its throat.

Anyhoo... oh yes... another bit of meaningless info for blogistan, I am back in contact with a person who has made a humongous impact on my life... after nearly a year I believe. Its still not like it used to be but lets see how things go. And that as they say, is all folks.. now to get my grub on...

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