Saturday, February 21, 2004

To Blog... Or not to Blog... Bah.. I think I'll go have some choc chip cookies instead!

Ok so I couldnt come up with a better title.. deal with it yo!!

Hmmm.... Man somethings in life you're just not prepared for. One moment you may be on a happy high, sorta like a weed high only without the intoxicating effects... (not that i'd know what a weed high feels like *innocent look*). I'm kidding people... Cigarettes is the worse it gets.. anyways, coming back to the story (anyone notice how I always get side-tracked when i'm telling a story??? I juss did). I mean I was like yay cool man, Alhamdulillah things mite be looking up for once. And then BAM! Things just went belly up. Well ok I'm making it sound like something bad happenned, which it didnt necessarily, but like it wasnt the most entertainning experience either (Obviously I cant say what it was). Its just weird what this world is coming to...

Apart from that... Its been pretty cold down here in good ol' London Masha'Allah. Especially yesterday and today... Ok ok I know it's gonna be a whole lot colder in some remote corner of Tora Bora or something (Sorry Tora bro, no pun intended there) :) but I feel cold here and thass le line du bottom!!

Anyways, since I have nothing better to do right now so I'm gonna go hit the sack.. then I'll hit it a few more times, and once I'm sure its dead... i'll sleep on it! :)

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