Friday, December 31, 2004

Greetings, inferior mammals. It is I, The Hamster, your illustrious leader and personage also seen pictured at the top of the screen. And in case you doubt my powers, that barbell actually weighs 200 pounds. Sterling.

I am gracing this puny blog with my presence to inform you of some hitherto unknown information about this Binje person. I have interviewed him and found the results to be of relevance. Please note the following transcript.

Hamster: So, Mr. Binje, if that is your real name… what are you doing here?

Binje: Wha? Me? Here in the blogistan?

Hamster: No, I mean in my cage. You’re mussing up the cedar chip. Go sit on those newspapers instead.

Binje: Yessir.

Hamster: You, Binje, what is your fascination with ice-cream? And what was the best ice-cream you ever had?

Binje: Ice-cream is juss ice cream, and thass all i need to say about that. The best ice-cream i ever had was at this Baskin Robbins in Saudi where i knew the guy who ran the place. He kept piling the toppings on…

Hamster: You mean like sprinkles and alfalfa and hamster pellets?

Binje: i mean like all the sauces and m & m’s and cookie crumbs and i said bhai thass enough but the dude just kept adding things!

Hamster: Oh?

Binje: Yeah, after he ran out of chocolate chips he started grabbing change out of the cash register. i tell you, it was a bit tough to chew through the coins and broken up spoons, but i think the extra hand soap he pumped over the top of the sundae really made it work innit.

Hamster: Innit.

-end transcript-

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