Thursday, May 15, 2003

It's all about the Desis Baby!

Right now i'm talkin' to Shadanov on MSN... although I'm supposed to be working on my voice over IP project which was given out over a month ago and is due in 2 days and i havent even started it yet! (any volunteers to do it?) We're discussin' how we're gonna be takin' over the world (ok maybe juss hangin' out... not soo much world domination). Ofcourse the conquest shall start from the Baskin Ro... (oops.. i'm not supposed to mention food in my posts am I?) Yeah so ummm anyways.. we're gonna be takin' over the world... Anyone who's interested in joinin' us can simply fill out the followin' form and mail it to me or Mr. Shadanov Killalotsky (most questions juss require a yes/no/maybe/lemme ask my lawyer kinda answer).

- Name (optional) : _______________
- Age (in light years) : _______________
- Relationship to Saddam, Sooddam, and Seeddam : _______________
- Number of Calories consumed per day: _______________
- Marital Status (i.e. for men, how many wives you have... for women how many kids you have) : _______________
- Do you own a Camel or a similar means of high performance transport? : _______________
- Do you have any friends who's nicknames are 'chemical', 'nuclear' or 'ur gonna regret this'? : _______________
- Are you literate (i.e. passed/failed/bribed ur way up to 3rd grade?) : _______________
- Do you agree marshmallows are soul food? : _______________
- Where do you get ur depleted uranium from? (I know a guy on mars who sells it dirt cheap, if you dont believe me check the prices of the guy next door) : _______________
- Your Favourite Icecream : _______________
- If you became ruler of earth (or krypton) what is the first thing you would do? : _______________
- Do you own any small islands? : _______________

We appreciate the time and effort you took (or your friend took in filling it out for you) to fill out the form. Please tick the options below whether you want us to share your personal info with the secret service, MI5, the KGB, Russian mafia, Japanese Triads/Yakuza, Sicillian drug lords??

Yes : _______________
If you do i'm dead : _______________
This is the third time i've relocated in the witness protection program already! : _______________
Do i have a choice? : _______________

Oh, whichever you decide... We'll send it off anyways cuz we need the money to fund our takeover project. Have a nice day ! :)

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