Thursday, May 22, 2003

To Tomahawk or not to Tomahawk... (can i ask the audience???)

Seeing as i've juss been threatened by a fellow chocohead to either update or get tomahawked...I decided i'd do it even though i'm damn tired right now... Anyways.. yeah weirdo stuff been going on.. aint gonna go into all the details today... but i think there's a prob with me and old ladies or something.. A few days ago i was gonna go drop off this monitor to my friend's place. So i doo di doo on over to the bus stop with a 15 inch monitor in my hand... and then 2 min later this old gentleman and a lady come to the stop too. The guy takes one look at me and goes.. 'here.. turn on the telly lets whats on then!'. (obviously he's jokin' around) and then the lady turns to me and goes... if u turn on any football or snooker i'll junk ur tv right here... then she looks at the guy and goes.. ' larry i dont think it's a tv though'... Obviously till now i'm juss enjoyin the whole scenario and then i decide to jump in. So we start chit chatting.. and this pigeon walks by... (no not walk by as in oh i'm going to the hairdressers down the road.. juss a normal pigeony walk-by). It had a little piece of bread in its beak which it put down and promptly began to throw around.. me and larry (my new and oldest new friend) go.. aww thass cute.. She (cant 'member her name) goes no they're filthy animals who poo all over the place and make everything dirty.. they should be gotten rid of... Then me and Larry double-team on her to try to prove they're God's creations.. She takes one look at LArry adn goes u want me to floor u then??? At this point i was laffin' my head off when she said that... cuz both of 'em must've been around 70 or so.. but they were sooo lively and chatty... it was amazing Masha'Allah.

And thass the basic point of this whole post.. I think i was talkin' to them for around 20-25 min... (typical of busses runnin late in rush hour).. but the love i saw between the 2 of them was unbelievable.. it was like they'd only been married a month or so... they were jokin' about with each other.. They had such a warm caring tone when they talked to me.. and even when i was gettin off the bus.. Larry calls out to me you pay the license for that TV or i'm reportin ya... (we had a talk about tv licences in between too but thass another story) Not something you see everyday... I was like man may Allah put this kinda love in the hearts of every married couple... Juss really made my day. :)

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