Sunday, June 08, 2003

A reply

This is in reply to what Anon posted on the tagboyd. I understand what you meant to say and apologise if i sounded a bit harsh. I totally get what you mean when you talk of freemixing and all. But believe me, Alhadmulillah this is the best bunch of brothers and sisters i've come across on the 7-8 years i've been messing around on the internet. Masha'Allah everyone knows their limits, everyone respects each other and are all modest to the extreme. It's better than some of the weirdness that goes on out there these days.

I understand a lotta people say whats the point of having a blog if you arent gonna be serious. Well, I've mentioned this but I'll clarify again. This blog is for me to vent out a bit, mess around and basically act like the 3 yr old that I am deep down inside. Everyone has problems in their daily life and they do also feel for their brothers and sisters around the world. My blog is for me a place where i cool off and get away from everything, be it for just 5-10 min a day. So call it a break if you may.

Again apologies if I came across harsh, it wasnt my intention but if i did, may Allah guide me and forgive my mistakes and sins.

Incidentally, here's the site again which to quote Yaz has 'got a page with bajillions of interesting links'.

Click here

Laterz Y'all! :)

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