Thursday, July 24, 2003

Randomly late

Righty-o people. At the moment I am locked furiously in a debate (well ok not that furiously) with squeaky (no names) as to why i shouldnt get married (some of you may have gotten an idea who my squeaky sis is by now). We wont go into that here right now. I'd like to say Jazaka'Allah to the following people (i wont be putting up the links cuz i'm a lazy so-and-so) for their comments..

the design king eXcalibur, french fried Yazmeeeni, the dehydrated editor-at-large owly, Sensei to the underdogs of english Abez, the gangster from Manchester (ok so it sorta rhymes) Mani, the extremely vegetarian Otty, the hippiest blogistani Faiza, the newly layoutly hijabified Sana, the leafy Fara (hey sis welcome back), the squeaky Annie, the fresh-off-a-wedding buzz B and last but definitely not least, the ludicrous chocoholic that is Shereen.

For those of you who advised to pray Nafil for the good results, well, me and the entire household had already prayed. Cuz the same day i actually bought a car as well so yes i had offered Nafil for Shukar. Moving on, it is true about the 70 times more blessings bit when using Miswaak before prayer as Shereenie Beany has pointed out with a Hadith Masha'Allah. Jazaka'Allah to u sis. As fer Owly... whacha bonk me for again?? i'd already been bonked too many times on the noggin... see.. i got all them speed bumps on me head to prove it.

As fer my bhai loog who asked me what i aced and how does it all add up, well, I'm doing a masters (MSc) in Business Information technology (yup, like all da rest of 'em fobs) and this was my last 2 courses in the last semester. How this adds up is the fact that i've got a decent average on all my courses Alhadmulillah and if i do a good graduation project Insha'Allah (everyone, run and start duaing for me) I have a very good chance at a first class with honours degree thing. And Insha'Allah dude if we ever meet up, there defintiely will be a party (or some munchies.. my treat).

Now for my favourite neighbour and awesomely-cleanliness-loving sis Otty, Miswaak is umm... a twig which has been recommended by Rasoolullah (SAW) to be used to clean the teeth. You simply rub it on ur teeth and it has been scientifically proven to make teeth healthier and cleaner (there's a blow for colgate waiting to happen!).

Yazzie sis, we definitely should have a bloggers appreciation day. Obviously we'll need a mutual website for that where people can come and maybe post how they feel about blogistanis and so on so forth. I wonder who we could get to design a cool template for us. I wonder... hmm.. who has good design skills... hmmm... I'll let you all ponder too... ;) Yes sis, I am a fob (famously obese birdbrain) .. and i'm proud of it.. and well, pulling an all nighter before hand-in of projects and studying for exams has always been an important part of me even passing, let alone getting decent marks :)

Fizzy, no one in the world of Blogistan can doubt you being the hippiest coolest bloggie sister there is around :) Sana yaaro, you soo have awesomely cute Urdu skills... I understood everything you said and the icecreams in the post :) and believe me i dont study at all. Fara Jazaka'Allah for the awesome coments, the sis is juss soo cool that way. And yeah i will be looking for those miwaaky toothpaste's.. although once u get used to it, nothing beats the taste of fresh miswaak. :) Annie, awesoem comments as always sis. Jazaka'Allah. I pray weall succeed both in dunya and Akhira insha'Allah. Fizzy, i'm updating now sis... yazzie.. you're the only one with 3 different comments... kudos to u. Jazaka'Allah and thanks to B for the congrats and again BeanyMonster, Jazaka'Allah again for sharing the Hadith on Miswaak sis.

Hmmm... Think this post is long enuff now.... But juss a few bits and bobs more.. A friend who i've known since my days from Cyprus called up the other day and goes.. so how many hours did you spend cleanning the car (that guy knows me too dang well). I was like... err.. u got hidden cameras outside my house or something man... Admittedly i have spent close to 5 hours in 2 days on the car which may or may not be too much (depends which angle you're looking at it)

On another note, there is only 1 friend now living close to my home, everyone else has moved FAR away (still in London, but it'll take over an hour to get to their places atleast) so i'm left with juss F now. He's an awesome person and it's cool spending time with him, but i do feel a wee bit lonely now. Oh well, I've got my bro and parents.. Insha'Allah all will be good... :)

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