Sunday, August 03, 2003

Whachu gonna do??

Yeah I'm back... Jazaka'Allah to all the nice people who made online duas.. and to those who made offline duas... Y'all make my day people.... and Alhamdulillah i think the eye is back to 100%. (No abez...not the blue turkish eye!)

I was watching bad boys2 last nite... Nice movie... definitely nice car chases... (anyone notice how things on my blog come back to cars, food and icecream) Hmmm... the chase in the ferrari was awesome... Man those action pichur directors got some creative minds... but where the creative minds collided was in the fact that for some reason when Martin Lawrence is about to jack an innocent civilian of his beat up ol' Chevy Sprint (or watever the chevy version of the suzuki swift is called), will smith goes get another car.... and here is where it all goes pear-shaped (wake up people, this is getting interesting now!!!). Martin Lawrence stops a silver Cadillac CTS-V which looks awesome i admit.. but then somewhere in the distance i hear a *bing**bing**bing* (turned out to be my brain.. i wasnt used to it ever registering anything i couldnt beleive it was happennin') they were beaten to the car by the chick in the Matrix.. Yeap, the exact same car used in the famous 17 million bux chase scene in the matrix reloaded was used in Bad Boys 2 as well.. Hollywood is definitely loosing it's touch!

Oh one thing though man.. those Haitians in the movie... especially the dude with the dreadlocks.. had some AWESOME musclecars... Me thinks one was a 60's Mustang, a trans-am and a Pontiac GTO.... If only i were back in Saudi Arabia... i could be able to afford the petrol on any car.. no matter how big the engine!!!

Yeap i cant believe i raved on for a whole paragraph about the same car being used in 2 different movies.. the only reason i have raved on about it is the same reason i did so a month or so ago... CUZ THEY TRASHED THIS ONE TOO!!! Man what is wrong with these guyz... couldn't they juss ask me if i wanted a car.... I mena imagine the time i'd spend clearning this one... damn... i'd scare myself.. actually i am scaring myself and probably a lota other people too so i'm gonna make a run for it!!!

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