Saturday, October 25, 2003


Hurry hurry hurry step right up folks, its that time of the year again. Get all your sins cleared up, and you know what, this is a special offer for ya, be sincere for the next 30 days and all your sins will be cleared free of charge. All you gotta do it be sincere and pray a bit. *points to young man in the front row* I know what you're thinking son, it's too good to be true, but believe me it is, the only condition is that you gotta be sincere. Thats all, no strings attached. Its a limited offer folks, next 30 days only, and its open to all, so what you gotta lose? Try the miracle that is Ramazan today and be happy for the rest of your days! :)

Well, everyone's been doing awesome posts about Ramazan recently... Abez and Choco-bean's posts stand out as real awesome writings. I would suggest anyone who has missed them to check them out. Since my writing skills would get an F even in the 2nd grade, i'll keep it short.

Here's my philosophy for Ramadan. Allah hears our duas all the time, and gives us tons without us even asking or heck.. without us even knowing. In Ramadan, there's the added benefit of no Shaitan wandering about, and the advantage of more duas being accepted. The way I see it, if out of all the duas I make in this Ramadan, only one gets accepted and by which the pain of the Ummah is lessened, or if not the entire Ummah, then maybe the burden of a group is lightened, or if not even the group, then a single family's problems decrease, or (too many or's here) if not even a family, but a single person becomes a bit more relaxed, dont I owe it to that person to make that dua? If my one dua can do that, I would be a complete loooser to not make that dua. And this is just one dua i'm talking about. Allah is listenning to us all the time, and if we pray with sincerity, who knows, maybe more than one might be accepted. So I'd be pushing myself to pray and make dua as much as possible to get as much out of the month as possible! And i'm sure all of you will be as well, so when you do, please remember me in them as well Insha'Allah. :)

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