Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Cricket Rambles

Man.. i thought i'd never get in.. seems like there was some prob on the blogger page (or maybe my isp) and i couldnt get in... anyways... was watchin' the highlights of Pakistan's cricket match yesterday... as a rule i've never liked cricket.. watchin' or playin.. but cuz my niece and nephew were around (and my nephew is like a HUGE sports fan) i was sittin' watchin with them.. have to admit.. it wasnt too bad (thass cuz i was watchin' the highlights) but man Saeed Anwar's battin' really was impressive.. the guy is a class batsman i have to admit... and the shot Younis khan played where the bowler actually bowled something like 10 paces the wrong way.. Younis khan walks all the way after it and whacks it straight for a 4... funny....

Anyways.. got uni tomorrow.. not lookin' forward to it.. this semester seems like it's gonna really drag on... not particularly looki'n forward to it.. but heck.. it's all about Education right??? (in my case.. all 18 years of it!)

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