Monday, April 28, 2003


I've finally realized how Einstein, Newton, Van goph and Ronald Mcdonald became such great thinkers, How they managed to become the epitome of intellect in their respective fields of interest, how they became the symbol of knowledge and enlightenment to this world we live in. (anyone who sez Ronald Mcdonald aint a genious has got to have a few screws lose!) anyways, like i was saying I've realized how all these people became the greats they are today... And you're probably wondering how i came to know how i got to know (or maybe you're juss thinking i'm a looney, are gonna go to google to search 'loonies' and see if i come up). Well, i'll tell you how... they did it doing absolutely nothing.. yeap thass right... they were doing absolutely didly squat when a weirdo idea came to them and they decided oh heck, have nothing better to do so might as well pursue this further! You wanna know how i came to this conclusion... (hmm.. last time i went this far people said i should write more in paragraphs... so here!)

(Random new paragraph but a continuation of the last sentence) I was sitting at work today bored outta my mind.. I was soo bored i was considering putting one of my tar stained lungs and a half chewed finger nail up for sale on Ebay juss to see how much people would pay to get a lung (a black one in my case) and would they pay the extra cuz of the finger nail whcih i'd force them to buy... Then my mind randomly moved on to think if i could sell it off as art and would people think it really was art? (these were my actual train of thoughts) then i remembered a show i watched on TV last nite which told about this guy who literally cut a cow and a goat in half, put 'em in acid and put 'em up for display in some art gallery and won a turner or noble or some prize like that for it! Which brought me back to

(another random paragraph... I ROCK!) my original thought of whether people would buy my blackened out lung.. then i go hmm... people will do anything for art... and get away with it... then i thought what whacky thing could i do which i could then call art and then sell it off for gazillions of bux so my dream of having that beachhouse on the shores of Pluto come true... (ok maybe not) and i had a hole punch thingy on the desk in front of me and a CD... ummm yeap... I did hole punch the CD... (now ur thinking what does this have to do with knowin' Einstein was a genious???... Well lemme get to it will ya!!) and i was juss sitting there lookin' at my reflection in the perfectly hole punched CD when the reality hit me that i had hole punched a CD... i was like hm... wonder if it'll still work.. so i umm... discreetly popped the neatly hole punched cd into the computer and believe it or not.. it worked fine... well to the point where the hole was...

Now you're all thinkin' we've sat through this rambling crap for all this time for WAT??? Well, coming back to the original point, I had nothing to do and was pondering broken nails and burgers and ended up finding out a CD with a hole punched into it still works... now if i were to go on i'd probably find out much more about CDs which people dont konw about.. uwant an example?? did u know if u buy cheap recordable cds and mess around with 'em too much they sorta turn liquidish inside??? i've got a cd which has the polymagnetic (or whatever poly crap it's made of) runnin around in the cd in molten form(and thass when i started buyin decent recordable cds)... see.. i betcha didnt know that... anyways... that was my randomness for today.. Stay tuned for a guest post comin from none other than the friendly neighbourhood Chop sui English Sensei :)

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