Monday, April 14, 2003

Where does time go?

It juss seems like yesterday when i was 2 years old that i.... Nooooo... the title of the post doesnt have any relation to that kinda story... it's more like i lost my damn watch!! Arghh.. nah.. kiddin.. not that either... I'm juss thinkin' how much i've done today... and by the looks of it, it aint much... Woke up around 10ish... (or was it 10:30).... thass one good thing about a day where u dont have work or uni.. u sleep till u please... well not really but a bit more than usual.. so yes, woke up... got myself together.. some olive oil on my hair.. then went about the house business.. got a bit of cleaning up done... Then realized it was the last day to clear up my bills before Mr.Interest came along... so made a dash for the bank... Now for those of you who have been puttin' up with my insanity for say 3 months or so will remember that my bank branch burned down around that time.. We were told it would be open as of the 8th last week.. So I happily go down laa dee dumming all the way.. I get to the door.. push..and... nothing... push again.. hmm.. doesnt seem to budge... *someone get the battering ram!* "To our valued customers, we are delighted to inform you that our branch will once again be open as of tomorrow.. We apprecia... bla bla bla" Oh well, get the bus to the next branch... stand in looooooooooooooong queue, pay bill... then went to Sainsbury's... got some milk.. came home and prayed Zuhur... and now its 3 o clock.. I mean I dont know about you guyz but to me it seems like the whole day is gone and i have done diddly squat.. no i'm not a workaholic.. in fact i try my best to avoid work but a whole day wasted seems a wee bit too much.. but then again thass juss me...

Right now a friend of mine is bugging me on msn and so is Shadaan bhayya.. the friend's buggin me about me not going to cyprus... Thing is we had a trip for cyprus planned out for about 2 years now... in may 2003 we'd all go down there from like Pakistan/Saudi Arabia and me from here for a meet up... Everyone else is nearly sorted out now... but seems like i've got 2 uni presentations that week... and my lecturers aint willing to change the dates for the presentations... Now theonly way i can see myself going is if i finish both projects before the presentation week and do 'em early so i get to go.. otherwise... no chance.. and at the rate its going i dont think i'll be going... (hence my where does time go title) Argh.. unfair i hear u say.. yes indeedy...

My gawd.. you people will not believe this but shady is calling all of you bad names.. he's saying you guys are rude and so totally.... naah..i'm kiddin.. Masha'Allah he's such a nice guy he even promised to give me his digital camera... (i wish).. Nah but he's a great guy and it was cool talkin to him... but i had to run so couldnt talk too long.. Anyways... I really should run now too.. wasted half a day.. dont wanna waste the other half too! Laterz people!

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