Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Outta the way!!!

A coupla days ago, Bushra asked on Raeesa bro's blog if we could ever be serious for once. Well Bushra Van Serious... I read the paper everyday, watch news on 4-5 different channels, have headings scream out at me on the net... and whass it all about? Lying, deciet, death, destruction... its hardly ever you watch the news and see something which actually makes you smile and think oh hey thass a good thing thass happenned. Allah Ta'ala says in the Quran "And surely, We shall try you till We test those who strive hard and patient, and We shall test your facts." (47:31).

No obviously once u've read all that news and stuff and then you worry about parents and relatives and friends all the time (even juss now as i write this post i've heard some more testin' stuff)... We've had a few deaths in the family in the last 2 months or so... then there's friends (the good ones that is) Just last week a friend of mine had a car acciednt and suffered some serious whiplash and few cuts n bruises.. Hope you get better soon insha'Allah bro.. Then there's... oh heck i cuold go on forever on things like that... but at the end of the day ur juss thinkin' Ya Allah i know its a test but make it go away. I'm gettin' too serious here today. ok back to Usman/Ozzy/Whack mode...

This is probably the only place where i get to be a bit crackie every now and then... (now and then?? or is it always??) I mean in reality i'm juss a 3 and a half year old stuck in a 23 year old body... or ummm.. was it the other way around.... or am i one of the teletubbies?? All the teletubbies in the house say Eh-ho (the teletubby version of hello) :)

Man i havent shaved since saturday and my beard is sorta like itchy witchy now... well got work tomorrow so i'll be shavin in the morning.. too lazee to shave if i dont have to go nowhere.. now most of u thinkin if he aint shaved since saturday cant be all that bad??? Well not unless you have a beard that grows like its on Uncle John's miracle plant food! Had a driving lesson today.. the instructor dude's pretty happy with me... except that i was going a bit too slow on a 60mph country road and then he asked me to speed up and for the heck of it i planted it up to 80 which he didnt like... and he goes how's about a ciggy break, i'm like u mean back off 80 or else huh? he goes there u go.. so yeah... it was good... No real probs except for that one small incident where i blindly went through an intersection... (lucky it was empty) I dont know, i juss didnt feel like driving like the average joe today.. i mean it's annoying that i've been driving around 9 years now and all of a sudden i have to be this law abiding citizen again juss so i can get a license to drive??? oh COME ON!!! you gotta be having a laff..

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