Friday, April 11, 2003

Yours Randomly

Seems like i'm getting extremely lazy when it comes to bloggin... But then again these days seems like all my countrymen in blogistan (save a few) are under the influence of the same laziness i am! Ho humm... and so it goes.. Anyways... Had a nice Juma today.. oh Juma Mubarak to you all :) In the evenin' as usual my friend called up.. Seems like that guy's got the eating-out bug these days... Couldnt really be bothered but he's the kinda person who if u say no to gets all cry-baby on u so i said what the hey.. we went down to juss grab a burger and pizza... Damn man some of these places juss dont know how to make a burger.. I mean i take one bite of the burger and a fountain of catsup and mayo squirts out. I sooooooo hate it when they do that, mix ketchup with mayo... ARGH... well atleast the pizza was decent. Ozzy wanted to get on the guy's case about it but i thought the guy's selling Halal food which is Sawab in itself... why go after him cuz he doesnt do things to ur personal preferences eh....

hmmm... Seems like recently my posts are getting increasingly booring and (as some people have pointed out) devoid of any transitional sentences. Muhahahhaha. my blog, my rules (which are basically no rules) Am listenin' to Sheikh Sudais right now... Everytime i listen to him i miss going to Makkah again!!! Cant believe it's already been 4 years since i last did an Umrah... boo hoo... I wanna go again! Which reminds me.. anyone know where i can download the Sheikh Sudais's recitation of the entire Quran? Or if someone can recommend a site where i can buy a cd for it? (I was hoping for mp3s)... Yeah this is probably the only thing i'd spend money on... otherwise whats the use of ADSL if you buy everything right???

Its about quarter to 12 at nite right now... hmmm... mite as well plug away...

Sahar Seriousness is something i dont like to be serious about.. I mean if you get serious... it's like ur serious... that aint good is it? (that didnt make sense did it??) Otty My serious side is ummm... serious... Abez Jazaka'Allah for the kind words! Oh ur blog is hillarious.. [which isnt to say the rest arent :) ] Arshe ji Have i ever made sense or had smooth transition in conversations??? If i did i'd probably be an english teacher (Hehehehe.. Engleeesh teeecherz wach out!) Yaz Jazaka'Allah for the dua niece.... I had it juss explained to me by Sahar that you and Shereen are my nieces now too... like i said.. 2 more weeks and i'll be the only virtual uncle with the whole of the net as my nieces n nephews... Degrouchyowl ermmm... the cheque's in the mail... :) and i made the downpayment to that Abez person sittin outside who for some reason flashed the evilest grin at me and made a carl lewis-like sprint down the car park as soon as she got her mits on the cash.. hmmm..wonder what happenned there!?

Anyways, thass all from me for now folks... I'm tryin' to find the somewhat humourous side of me so i can get more people to come back on me blog... till then y'all look after yerselves! (from everyone's not-so-favourite uncle) Usman/Ozzy :)

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