Friday, March 28, 2003

Assalaam Alaikum all... fun day today... had a nice 6 hour sleep for once, woke up nice and fresh... but took a bit too long getting ready for Juma cuz i had intended to pray Juma in Uni but since i was late i missed it, so juss prayed Zuhr.. Bad me.. bad bad me... anyways... after that went straight to the library and tried to study for once.. The library is arranged in such a weird way... it's like 1 building divided into 2 areas kinda thing.. and like to cross from one section to the other you have to like go to the 3rd floor.. the staff has their own way of crossin' over to the other side but students cant.. u have to go to the third floor to do it which is too grrrrrrrrrrrr'ing... and since i had to go like all over the place, i must've gone up and down like 3-4 times... argh.. i'm gettin too old for this studying!!

Anyways, finished that, got outta the library and a friend came up from behind and ... yeap.. we went for Baskin RObbins!!! YAY! But before we did, we decided to go to teh National Art Gallery or watever itscalled.. (the one on Trafalgar square to those who know/live in London) First time i actually ventured in there... They had all these Van gophs, Monets, Renoirs, Cezzanes and pissaros i was shocked..I mean you read about all these paintings in the papers and how they're worth like zillions of bux but i like actually got to see 'em real live... and now i know Van goph's writing was terrible... i was lookin' at one of his paintings and the way vincent was written on it, i was like dude you could pass yourself as a preeskooler (which i managed to say outloud) at which my friend goes who u say that to??? i explained the sudden outburst and after that there wasnt any single painting we didnt make fun of... Ofcourse most of it was muttering so no one else could hear it, although we did notice a few raised eyebrows while badmouthing Renoir for eating an orange, spitting the seed on the canvas and then painting over it!! Was fun though... strangely we must've spent atleast half and hour or more there even though it was just a stop over for the heck of it.. then went to Baskin Robbins.. as i've been advertising everywhere, had 3 HUGE scoops with hot fudge and all.. was GRAND! Alhamdulillah.. yummm...

ok, apologies once again for not bloggin' about cyprus, thass juss a very long post which i cant do right now.. today instead of the choco chip cookies/muffins and milk, i'm thinking to have pepsi.. or maybe pepsi in milk.. LOL.. i can see a few jaws dropping to the floor now.. for those of you who find this an alien concept.. it's a very (should i say it.. oh go on, i will) desi thing.. mixing pepsi or seven-up... if you havent tried it (or heard of it even) i'd recommend you give it a chance before totally throwin' the idea out the window... half pepsi, half milk... might not taste awesome for some to begin with, but it'll quickly grow on u.. but remember people.. very very fatennin' stuff.. well not that very very but fatennin' nonetheless...

Which brings me to a hypothetical question people.. umm.. lets say a 'friend' of mine has a slight belly beginnin' to bulge out.. and like its not something noticeable but he's gettin' worred about it but is too lazee to do anything about it.. how would i motivate my 'friend' to get into some kinda exercise or something baring in mind my 'friend' hates going to teh gym... Any comments/suggestions would be extremely welcomed by me... ummm.. errr... my 'friend' i mean! :)

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