Tuesday, March 04, 2003

I've juss been advised to buy my own island and set up my Baskin Robbins empire there (thanx to the Yaz for the idea)... great idea.. only thing is... i'd get ideas of world domination... probably freeze the world over with icecream.. now granted there are a few icecream lovers out there who'd probably gobble up my plans to an extent.. but i'll have hot molten fudge poured over 'em... then shoot chunks of roasted nuts at 'em... and then entomb them in choclate sprinkles.. hmmmm... better copyright this idea before they use it for the next james bond movie... Hey cool... if i copyright it.. then sell it to the people who make the bond movies.. i can live a week like bond too.. so that'll be another adventure i'll have gone through.. (man the brainstorms juss dont stop do they??)

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