Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Forgot the Special invite... My Age is Showing!!

Man i'm only 23 (well juss turned 23 a coupla weeks ago) and already i'm forgettin' stuff... Now the reason i say that is cuz i forget the person who showed me that weed is good for me (halal weed mind u people!!)... the Hippy of da bloggin' world... the person who hooks people right from her blog... FAIZA... *crowd cheers* *people do the wave across the grandstands* YAY!

Incidentally, i juss remembered i havent had my own special owners pass printed out, so everyone has their invites, but if i dont get mine soon, they wont let me in to my own island... i'm really havin' issues rememberin' stuff... Juss call me Forgetful Jones :)

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