Thursday, March 27, 2003

Today’s been a good day Alhamdulillah… I’m gonna try and blog in order of the events of the day so bear with me people, this might get a bit booring at times.

Day started at about 8:30 in the morning today, usual drill. Had my driving instructor come in at around 9:30. First lesson for me so I was a bit nervous but then I used my transformer technique to get the nerves under control. Ok now u’re all obviously asking what these transformer technique… well normally when I’m nervous, the theme from the transformers movie (you got the touch bla bla bla) starts playin’ in my head which can get irritating at times cuz I’m tryin’ to make a dua or read Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon and that craps playin’ in my head. In the end I did manage to cool down. Thass when the instructor showed up, quickie intros. Nice gentleman he was, reassuring.. asked me if I’ve ever driven before to which I said I drove for 4 years, he’s like u sure u wanna be bored with this.. I was like oh go on lets do it for the heck of it. So off we went, he did a roll around the block, gave me a few pointers and then let me loose on the road. MUHAHAHAHAHAHA. He was surprised I wasn’t opting for automatic gear lessons as most people do. I like manuals (stick shifts to u yanks) and yeah I didn’t stall once or even get a rough start so I was pleased that even after 3 years I wasn’t too bad. The instructor goes u juss need a bitta practice and u’ll be all good soon. Insha’Allah to that Mr. Instructor man. At the end of the lesson we had a friendly cigarette together too which was ummm, un healthy but nice. :)

Next got home, had one of those choclate chip muffins I bought yesterday cuz they looked oh so lonely on the supermarket shelf. Then decided to have a quick look at my emails before I settled down to do a bitta serious studying. And I juss HAD to log on to MSN as well. Immediately saw 2 new nicknames on the online list which I wasn’t used to… needless to say I got messages from both. Turned out to be 2 people I have come to know from Blogistan :-p. I think I was talking to them for an hour or so. Very nice indeed. Obviously that cheered me up so then I decided to study for a bit. Fast forward to after studies when I decided I had to watch monsters inc cuz I was too tired to study any more. Watched half of it before I decided I should do a Raeesa and go run around in the west end. Only thing is I didn’t have a ton of friends with me, juss one. Wasn’t bad though, juss had a walk near Tower Bridge. Then went off to Oxford Circus and did a bitta window shopping. (my friends never go with me when I have to buy cuz I take ages choosing!) I’m accused of being too girly when I go shopping, so I like to look around for options before I deicde, sue me… (umm, no don’t, I was only kiddin!) anyways, had a good walk around, then came back near my place and we went to this Pakistani place for dinner. After dinner went back to my friend’s for a bit of R&R (and a couple of cigarettes too!) watched the news. Then decided I’d had a long enough day… Seems like I’m really getting old, juss a few hours of doing nothing and I’m totally worn out. Sheesh… gotta exercise or something, get myself back into shape.

Anyways, here I am now, sitting here with my cold milk and (microwave warmed) chocolate cookies thinking of wat next to blog down. Oh incidentally, I promised someone I’d be posting about Cyprus, apologies but if I start that, you’ll all die of boredom and me of typing! Insha’Allah tomorrow I’ll be doing the typing. I did do my background research thought, went back to look at some old lecturers’ websites and found some pics of my department building too. Man oh man I’m so lost in the memories! *fingers snap* who wha where??? Oh ok.. I’m back… yeah ummm so… If anyone’s missed it, Shadaan posted a message on the views blog saying he might be getting hitched pretty soon.. so lets all say insha’Allah to that and pray for the best for brother shady. Yaz, this Burfee person u are beginning to like is a very unfortunate speck back from my high skool days.. kiddin.. burf was my partner in crime. We used to play basketball together way back in Jeddah (thass the city in Saudi Arabia we used to live) I’ve probably known him around 10-11 years now. We used to walk around half an hour everyday juss to get to the basketball court… play for 2 hours straight (well me atleast, he smoked back then so he’d need a break after an hour). Then walk another half hour home… past a particular house which I’m sure burfee remembers doncha burf??? :p We used to hang out all the time… I think the amount of shawarmas, sandwiches and meals at Wendy’s I had with burf probably outnumber all the other times I’ve eaten out till now. (and this aint no exaggeration by any means!) Then there was the summer I was stuck alone in Jeddah while my parents and bro were in Pakistan. Juss me and burf… we had some laffs.. oh and a certain someone bumping their dad’s chevy station wagon when we went to the monster truck show… oh ok.. I’m gonna stop now…

oh incidentally, I’m doing a yaz right now… As in I’m putting this all down on word and then will paste into bloggamatic. See, it’s cuz of all of you guyz saying how you lose long posts I’ve scared myself into typing this out in word! Since the pic aint showing I’m gonna get rid of it for now, and maybe I’ll sort it out tomorrow… Now, before word messes up, I’ll copy this into blogger and oh wait.. error message in word?? “All text will now be deleted???” NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!……….. :)

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