Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Invites to Baskin Robbinius

Hmmm... Think its time i put this all straight... now i Usman 'Baskin Robbins-on Crusoe' have decided who i'm gonna hand out invites to.. and i've got good reasons for givin' 'em out cuz as you know i'm the one organizin' the stuff and the meetins gonna b on my Island... so noooo.. it's not gonna b cali.. and noooo... not Toronto either... maybe London or my own Island.. now for the list of people who get invites to Baskin Robbinius...

Arshe ji... Well cus simply she's Arshe ji.. that lets her qualify for an invite...
Uzer... Cuz he's a Counter Strike fan....
Yasmine... Hmmm.. difficult one.. see there's weird, then there's nuts, then there's totally insane.. and finally.. 'THE YAZ'.. since she's the spiritual leader of all people who attain 'the Yaz'.. since i wanna attain 'The Yaz' too, i can only learn from her..so she gets an invite..
Shadaan.... Cuz he's me partner in Baskin Robbinius... i trust him with my life... (but not me icecweam) :)
Shereen... Cuz she loves choclate too
Tora Bora... Cuz those bro's know sooo much about Islam Masha'Allah.
Sahar... Cuz she linked me
She... Cuz she's the wild kid who thinks no one likes her... Ur kool sis.. and ur welcome to me island...
Sana...Cuz she's got the awesomest smilies
and last but not least..
Bushra cuz she's engaged to a fellow Osman.. (hey, so it begins with an O, close enuff)

Anyone else need invites have to send me a good reason why they should get one and an audio tape of themselves singin' the Macarena... (man this baskin robbins deal is gettin' rediculous now.. i should get a seperate blog for this... )

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