Wednesday, January 29, 2003

How Emotional Are You?

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Me again... (hmmm.. who else could it be???) This is a quiz which i took off Umair's blog who in turn took it off Cindy's Blog.. no I aint gonna go and check where Cindy got it from... (no offense intended Cindy) So i'm a sorrowdweller.. I juss dont get where theycome up with these weird terms.. this is what they have to say about me...

"Sorrowdweller. You are not overcome by anger nor happiness. Your emotions are pretty well balanced, but you do tend to get somewhat emotional at times leaning towards depression and saddness. You have your own views of the world and while you do not see the beauty of life, you are not completely overwhelmed by darkness. Live and let live just because."

Incidentally.. Umair had the same result... :)

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