Friday, January 24, 2003

Just got a call from a friend who lives in Crawley (to those of you outside england, dont go around lookin' in maps!!) Anyways, the guy chit chats to me for a bit.. umm ok lemme juss clarify that i've never met the dude.. he juss works in a branch of our store and all.. anyways.. since we're regularly in contact with 'em i talk to him a lot.. anyways... making a long story ever longer.. he calls up..we chit chat.. he goes i'm leaving work.. i'm like whhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa?? He goes had enuff man.. I'm like so what u gonna do for now.. He goes one of the reasons he quit was so he could go with Jama'at for 40 days... Masha'Allah.. not everyone has the gutts.. or should i say sense to do sometihng like this.. (granted his family's loaded.. but still) Hats off to the guy...

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