Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Sunday morning 8:30am.... to monday nite 1am... thass how long i was awake.... from sunday evening i was trying to finsih up ma uni crap so i could hand in on time.. monday at 4:20 pm i handed it in.. 10 min before the skool office closed and i would've gotten penalized for late submission.. but atleast i got it done..

first time i ever saw snow today.. woke up and looked outside.. i was like.. no way man... then i understood what they mean by black ice being dangerous (not in the michael jackson sense!).. thank god didnt have a fall.. but me and this guy who was comin down from the opposite side slipped at the same time, got our balance.. (sorta like ballerinas.. all coordinated and stuff.. but in a manly way ofcourse!) looked at each other and juss laffed our heads off... but it is coooooooooooooooold!

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